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Bonded Warehouse Storage

On Target Firearms offers secured storage for law enforcement and individuals. You can be assured that all your firearms, and ammo will be safe and secure in our firearms vault; equipped with 24 hour alarm monitoring, state of the art surveillance cameras, and temperature/humidity control.

For Law Enforcement

For any law enforcement agency, bonded warehousing is a great way to free up space in your evidence room, and more importantly will dramatically cut down on your departments liablility. We meet and exceed all requirements of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, Section 129D.

Benefits offered to law enforcement agencies

  • Completely FREE Sevice To All Departments
  • 24 Hour Pick Up Sevice
  • On Target Handles All Required Paperwork
  • On Scene Pickup for Large Confiscations 
  • FREE Consultation to Plan for All Your Departments Needs

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(978) 967-4933