Range Rules

Safety First

  1. ALWAYS treat firearms as if they are loaded. ALWAYS!
  2. ALWAYS keep the muzzle pointed downrange.
  3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until you are aimed and ready to shoot.
  4. All shooters must be aware of their target and what is behind it.
  5. Keep weapons pointed towards backstop at all times. 180 Degree Rule Applies.
  6. Shooter must know and understand all of the operating and safety features of the firearms they are using prior to shooting in the range.
  7. All unlicensed shooters must have at least one guest present to rent firearms and use range.
  8. Rental Guns must be used with On Target Firearms & Indoor Range LLC. ammunition ONLY.
  9. The booth is the area between the stall dividers, from the firing line in front to the back of the stall dividers.
  10. Remove all firearms from their cases in the booth then place all range bags and rifle cases on shelf below booth or on the shelf against the rear wall.
  11. Any gun outside the booth must be cased.
  12. Semi-automatic firearms must be unloaded with their action locked open and magazine removed and revolvers unloaded with cylinders open to show that firearm is safe.
  13. Load and unload weapons in shooting booth only.
  14. Firearms and ammunition are subject to inspection by Range Safety Officers.
  15. All handgun and Rifle calibers are allowed.
  17. ONLY full metal jacket or copper-plated or copper-washed ammunition allowed.
  18. Tracer, armor piercing, incendiary and all other ammunition containing steel (including core tip) are not allowed.
  19. There are two sets of doors to the range, make sure the door behind you is closed before opening the next door to suppress gun noise and to maintain negative pressure on the range..
  20. Eye protection and ear protection are mandatory at all times while on the range.
  21. No more than four shooters are allowed to share a single lane. No exceptions. No more than one shooter at a time in the booth while shooting.
  22. Commands issued by Range Officers and Range Personnel must be obeyed immediately and without question.
  23. CEASE FIRE: On this command, stop shooting IMMEDIATELY, remove magazine, lay gun down unloaded, action open, step back from the line and wait for further instructions from the Range Officer or Manager.
  24. No one other than the Range Officer may go forward of the firing line. If you need to retrieve something that falls in front of the red firing line, notify a Range Safety Officer.
  25. You may collect your own shell casings that have fallen BEHIND the firing line.
  26. Report any unsafe activity or conditions to the Range Officer or Manager immediately.
  27. ONE SECOND RULE applies. Do not shoot faster than 1 second between shots.
  28. Drawing from the holster is NOT ALLOWED .
  29. CROSS FIRING (firing at another lane’s target) is NOT ALLOWED.
  30. Range Safety Officers will bar anyone handling a gun in an unsafe manner. Range
  31. Safety Officers will bar anyone believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  32. Keep any loaded or jammed weapons IN THE RANGE. If your firearm malfunctions, KEEP GUN IN BOOTH facing downrange and notify the Range Safety Officer.
  33. No firearm handling allowed outside the shooting booth. Do not exchange weapons with another lane. Switch shooters, not guns. No exceptions.
  34. Never bring a loaded weapon out of the range. If you have a stoppage or need assistance, place the firearm on the shelf in the booth with the muzzle pointing down range and ask the Range Officer for help.
  35. Position all targets on target backer to ensure all shots strike the backstop and not the ceiling or target carrier. FIRING A SHOT ON THE RANGE THAT RESULTS IN THE BULLET STRIKING ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE TARGET AND/OR BACKSTOP WILL RESULT IN A DAMAGE OR REPAIR MINIMUM FINE OF $25.00 AND/OR YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE RANGE. Damage to the target carrier will be no less than $200.00.
  36. You must report all accidental discharges, damages, or injuries (no matter how minor) to us immediately.
  37. Children ages 12 to 15 MUST BE at least 48” tall, and complete our Youth Safety Class before shooting in range ( Per discretion of On Target Firearms & Indoor Range LLC.)
  38. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on and off the range at all times.
  39. Food, beverages, gum, smoking or tobacco are prohibited on the range.
  40. No pregnant women allowed on the range for the baby’s safety.
  41. Any person with a medical condition which might create a safety hazard, eg. epilepsy, etc., must notify range staff.
  42. Do not throw any ammunition into the trash containers. Place DUD ammunition in the “dud” bucket.
  43. Place used paper targets and empty ammo boxes in the trash if you don’t wish to keep them.
  44. To reduce lead exposure, wash your hands in the bathroom immediately upon leaving the range.

First Responder & Military Discounts

We offer discounts to our first responders and military members upon request and with proof of valid ID. Ask for details when checking in.

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